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You always get it if you want it desperately,
And even if not,you win yourself handsomely.
You move high if you climb ceaselessly,
Though setbacks and pushbacks may appear continuously.

Shattered and lost you may be at times,
You even contemplate downfalls,
Stronger should you become when everything falls apart,
Attach deeper to your soul when it is tried to prise apart.

Never give up poem,Don't give up, don't give up poem,Never ever give up
Never give up

Don't you stop moving when everything supporting once is hitting you harder,
Take an oath you will move faster ,become better than ever.

When expectations are crushed ,
And you are collapsed under the weight of them,
Stand up tall ,
Never lose faith in faith even when you are betrayed,

fear clogs faith liberates,faith can move a mountain
Believe in yourself

Follow and chase every one of 
Though lonely you must go this time,
Make them more alive this time.

When people let you down,
And you are defeated thoroughly,
Gather yourself strongly.

Win even when you are destined to lose,
Wake up when you want to sleep deep,
Save a moment when you want to kill,
Make alive each of your will.

What strikes you does not matter,
When you have decided 

I will never give up at all
I will never give up at all
I will never give up at all

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