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Here I am,
sitting,holding my Mouth between my palms,
Asking how it would be,
If you were mine?

I would urge you to be with me every time,
In the shadow,in the sunshine,
And wonder what would you say.

Here i am,
Looking up in the sky,
Imagining myself holding your hands tight,
Dying to express the world my pride.

Wandering about,looking in each others eyes,
With the shout of the silence assuring never-lasting love of ours.

Poetry,literature,Here I am by Pourush Gupta,the monkey blogspot

But,just in a sudden,
A shiver ran down my body,
Making me feel it's my mockery.
Adding to the misery,
My goosebumps pushed me back to reality.

Here i am,
Alone,desperate and full of fear.
Looking down, joining my hands tight,
I prayed to God to take me away from this camouflage  of light,
and send me back to what you call "the fool's paradise",
Let me construct more dreams with her
without caring if they would shatter. 


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