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How Coalition Governments Hamper the Growth of a Nation

How coalition government hampers the growth
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With BS Yedurappa being appointed the CM for the fourth time, 20-days-long drama came to an end. What happened in Karnataka pose a severe threat to the future of coalition governments in the country. It has raised too many questions to be answered. The BJP seem to be decided they would do anything to form governments, although the Congress has done the same over the years. They say history repeats itself; despite the BJP becoming the party with the highest seats, the congress forged an alliance with Kumaraswami’s Party which stood third in the recent Karnataka assembly election.
We have been taught to discharge our responsibilities towards nation from the childhood through books, teachers, examples and parents. But what political parties are doing? Horse-trading now-a-days has turned legal. It is well-known that MLAs or MPs are lured for a hefty amount of money, a ministerial post and other pleasures to be in Power by a particular party. The fall of the HD Kumaraswami-led coalition was scripted in the background of the resignation of two Congress MLAs on July 1, 2019. To anyone’s amazement, the headcount of rebels had gone up to 20- 17 from Congress-JD(s) coalition, two independents, and one from the BSP - by July 18. Shouldn’t it be questioned how come such a big number of MLAs flock in to fall the government they had chosen to take part in? Should not the credibility of these MLAs be questioned thoroughly? If they had reservation with their party , what made them realize the BJP was an ideal party for them? The apex court needs to take this case into consideration as a special case to send a stern message to all the parties making ways to circumvent the law or the system. 

Mamta Banergi, along with the Congress, accused the BJP of horse-trading. The BJP seems to try to horse-trade in MP too, however, Kamalanath, being a veteran political player, has ruined their efforts by proving majority as many as 5 times in such a tiny span. Again, it poses a question why the BJP is deliberately asking the government at MP to prove majority if they have passed the floor test already?  

On the national festivals, we are realized of the responsibilities we are entrusted towards the nation. We are told all-around development of people’s aspirations can’t be attained without our active participation. Most of us also take pride in making as much contribution to the nation as possible. But, with these political dramas taking place the every other at every level, people start developing a perception that politics is all about power, and not about people, that ignorance is blessing, that politics is not for good people.

The Congress must be held accountable for the idea they had transferred into other political parties since the first coalition government at the centre was formed in India in 1977, following the 19-month-long emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in 1975. They, at various levels, when majority was not achieved, supported the other party to help form the government, and withdrew when needed to establish their own government. In 1996, they hastened the conspiracy, leading one-vote-loss to the BJP in trust vote. The INC has never shied away from pushing the country to re-election for their lure to power. Today, the late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s words must be permeating the Congress When he had said “Today, the congress is laughing at us, the day is not very far when the country will laugh at them”. 

Unlike China and the US, India have adopted a multi-party system-which entails a high probability of the formation of coalition governments. In coalition governments, the focus of the leader gets shifted more on offering all the pleasures to the associated parties to function the government than on the well-being of people. What happened in Karnataka snatched away almost a month that could be well invested in the citizens’ welfare.  Strict laws are to be drafted to avoid such scenarios pausing the growth for the associated period, Otherwise governments, on receiving majority, will keep on terming their success as “people’s mandate”, while going to any extent to reach power in other cases.   

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